Friday, August 22, 2008

Twilight Series

Unless you have been living in a cave you must have heard of the craze concerning the Twilight series of books written by S. Meyer.

Yes I am aware it is targeted for adolescent girls and I am far from that age group but this book series took over a few weeks of my life. Lest you think I am a typical reader of this type of book I will list the book I read before this series and the book after – 1984 by Orwell and the classic Jane Eyre by Bronte. My non-classic favorites of the summer were the Glass Castle by Walls and Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris.

This book series, contrary to the target audience assumed by bookstores/marketers, is for any reader that enjoys action, mixed with romance, mixed with suspense and more.

You will find many websites claiming these are the best books ever and an equal amount saying they are the worst and that anyone that enjoys them is an idiot.

Is it the best book series ever written? No

Is it terrible writing? No
(To clarify the writing quality is not poor enough to distract the reader and conversely it is also not well enough written to bother underlining beautiful sentences and sentiments.)

Is it fun? Yes

Does it have surprises along the way? Yes

Is it worth the read? Definitely – even by self-professed booksnobs like myself

Will guys like it? Yes – what’s not to like when there are vampires, fast cars, sexual attraction and adventure?

This is the ultimate summer read of 2008 – it isn’t the most complicated to read but it is fun. Trust me fellow book snobs – sometimes it is ok just to have some fun.


Alex said...

I obviously live in a cage! :)

(this is leo not alex)

The Big DC said...

Leo lives in a cage?

Damn Alex - we need to talk!

If these books don't have pop-ups, count me out.