Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Catch The Wind

“This is how you catch the wind - you run!”

When I heard Claire say those words this afternoon it was like poetry. She was teaching someone how to fly a kite but teaching me much more.

I think when you “grow up” you TYPICALLY become more responsible (no surprise there). Your world becomes more about your duties and role in your family/community/society rather than your passions and wants.

Please read the comic below to see what I mean (special thanks to the good friend that shared it with me this morning).

If you are unable to read the small words please visit

When you are feeling attacked by the tiny Routinees you forget how to catch the wind (in the cartoon you even forget how to stand up).

Children rarely forget how to catch the wind. They dream big, they run, they try, they do. Just because we have Routinees in our life doesn’t mean we can’t catch the wind. We need to decide we want to catch the wind and make a run for it. This will be hard - very hard - but isn't it comforting that we can still try?

As grown-ups we could take a lesson from Claire.

“This is how you catch the wind - you run!”

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