Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tonight I found myself saying the craziest thing I’ve ever said and I meant it seriously, there was no intention of a joke.

"Chris, can you throw down the wet monkey? You should see it on the stove."

If you remember saying anything bizarre you never thought you would say please post it for all to see.


Tan said...

"Don't you dare eat cookies for breakfast."

Alex said...

LOL missy and Tan..

I caught myself saying,

"Hey Leo, check out missy's blog, apparently Chris is frying up monkey for dinner."

Tan said...

Okay - I said I would post this one - I actually said this yesterday...

"Hey Leo, do you want in on this threesome?"

Alex said...

who didn't invite me?
Seahorse sea-hell..

Alex said...

you back yet miss?