Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time To Plan For Christmas

We have been trying to plan our blogger Soup & Sandwich Contest. There are 5 couples that I am trying to bring together for one night – or lunch – in order to have the contest. After many emails we still have not chosen a date. Getting the couples together is proving impossible. Just wait until I try to coordinate with the 3 official coaches and then we will truly have problems.

So, how does this affect you dear reader? Simple . . . if you want to host any event with 5 specific couples or more you need to book 3 months ahead. Are you daydreaming of Christmas and New Years plans? Book them now! Back to school BBQ’s? Make sure everyone marks their calendars today. Getaway weekend for next summer? Seriously, you should book now. Planning a Stampede social – good luck, I suggest you skip this year and book for 2009

Who is the hardest to book? Christian parents!!!!!!!! If you have school events, church events, work events, extra curricular activities like soccer and also family commitments, you have no time left over to be social. The only way to balance is to plan now.

So, how does Spring Break 2009 look on your calendar?

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