Monday, June 16, 2008

Mmmmm . . . Nachos!

It is golfing season in Calgary and I have learned my new favorite math equation:

Golf Lessons + Great Friends + Nachos = Best Day Of The Week.

Sure, not everyone is taking golf lessons and maybe you are at home without any friends at the moment but you can likely make yourself a plate of nachos that are YUMMY!

First you must buy the red El Molino tortilla chips from the deli section of Safeway (special thanks to Leona for that fantastic tip). Spread your chips on a baking sheet and spray them liberally with cooking spray. Don’t skip this step, it will help make the flavor stick. Turn on your oven so it can begin to pre-heat. In a small bowl mix chili powder with finely ground sea salt (if you don’t have any in the house you can use table salt). Mix this up and sprinkle it on your chips but not too heavily because trust me there can be too much. Now you are ready to bake your chips.

While the chips are warming prepare your cheese. If you need to shred it, do that now. If you bought pre-shredded cheese, now is a great time to get your drink ready.

When your chips are warm, pull them out and cover them with your cheese. Now all you need to do is bake them until they look ready and top them however you like.

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