Friday, May 9, 2008

Blogger Showdown

Oprah’s Sandwich Showdown has inspired me for our first blogger event!

I (Miss) challenge every blogger currently listed on Sublimation Blogification:
the BIG DC
To a soup and sandwich showdown.

The event will be held in mid June giving each of you time to perfect your sandwich and soup.

There shall be NO seafood or pork. The one exception is for Alex who began our blogging community – he is allowed to make Clam Chowder if he so chooses.

Three judges – will be chosen by Miss (hey, I make the game, I make the rules). Anyone that asks to be a judge will be instantly disqualified from the opportunity to judge. Gentlemen, email me individually or post a response to let me know if you are in.

See you in the kitchen!


Alex said...

I am sooooooooo in! It's on!

The Big DC said...


But no pork? What's with that?

Mattie said...

I am in, but you see there seems to be this big misconception that the great ALEX SCHAPP started this whole blogging thing... take a look at when and who started this whole first... If you can figure it out, I will give you a hint later.

The reason I point this out, is to stake MY claim with my rad flag on one judges position!!!

Mattie said...

oh yeah just to clarify, I am NOT asking, but CLAIMING!!

The Big DC said...

Whatever dude. You and Alex can fight over who started the first blog, while I bask in the glory of knowing who perfected it :P

Not trying to speak for Missy but I would assume that one must either choose to be a competitor or a judge, but cannot be both. I mean, I completely understand if you would rather judge. If I were in your shoes that would proabbly be the choice I would make too, but it would also signal your acceptance that you already know that your soup and sandwich duo would end up losing.

So you may want to hold off on planting your rad (is your rad flag red?)flag

Party on dudes.

Alex said...

BIG DC, I've always wanted to cook next to greatness, but than I'd be cookin next to myself.. so..
As far as judges are concerned, I think we should choose some celebrity judges.. I have some names in mind.
Participants can't be judges, obviously or my Deep Fried Banana and Peanut butter sandwich served with a bowl of "Don't be Gruel" would win in a heartbeat.

Steely Dan said...

Marscapone brioche sandwiches with chocolate soup. Why even have the contest?

Steely Dan said...

Hopefully we can schedule it after I get back from Florida on the 14th of June.

Alex said...

Yes, the 14th would work for me as I am gone the weekend prior.

Tan said...

I know I'm not allowed to "ask" to be a judge so I'm certainly not doing that...but may I just point out a few things...
1)I've been known to hang out in the kitchen myself so I've developed quite a sophisticated palate :)
2) I have been known over the "ages" to be a faithful commentator on these here blogs (sorry Miss, I know I've been slacking on yours...busy kids, no hubby is my excuse)
3) I play no favourites (sorry, Alex)'s not that I'm asking to be a judge or anything....that just wouldn't be fair. I'm just putting it out there, is all....

The Big DC said...

FYI - for all ye interested parties. I got my combo all ready to go and I gots to tell y'all it's gonna win.

Are we playing for pride or would you all like to put something a little more motivating on the line?

How about the winner gets to choose which one of the losers has to have all the participants and their spouses over for dinner. Or something along those lines.