Friday, May 9, 2008

New 'Love'

It began as a friendship. They knew each other for years, spent some time together, had some fun but then friendship was no longer enough.

It became a crush and then she started using the ‘L – word’, not in front of everyone but she was using it. She started enjoying the things he enjoyed, making decisions differently and somewhere along the way she lost herself – not in New Jersey like someone she knew - but she was lost just the same.

Her parents became worried. She is too young! This is too soon! She however was convinced he was the one.

Today she’s glowing, her eyes are sparkling and she can’t wipe the silly grin off her face.

As of today, Claire is under house arrest, I am enrolling her in an all-girl's school and Owen is temporarily banned from our house.

How many more time are Chris & I going to watch Claire fall into what she considers love?

With four daughters how many times total will this process unfold before our eyes?

If any of you have seen the movie DAN IN REAL LIFE, Claire is destined to be much like the second daughter in that movie.

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