Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey . . .

Soup & Sandwich Contest – Sandwich Qualifications

Let’s talk turkey or steak or whatever meat you are planning to include. We should have some general consistency as to what we agree a sandwich is.

Wikipedia Definition
A sandwich is a food item made of two or more slices of leavened bread with one or more layers of filling: typically meat, or cheese with the addition of vegetables or salad. The bread can be used as is, or it can be coated with butter, oil, mustard or other condiments to enhance flavor and texture. In North American usage, sandwich may also refer to what is more commonly referred to in the rest of the world as a hamburger.

Missy’s Definition:
A sandwich includes
Bread – or a bread like item. For instance, it can be a bun, pita, etc. as long as it is starchy and can be held in your hands
Meat – Sorry but seafood and pork has been eliminated. Also, hamburgers are not included in my definition. You can however use grilled meats, pot-roasted meats etc.. You can even go as far as serving sloppy joes because I think they would fit in the category.
Cheese – I think cheese is going to be essential if you want to go for the win. If however you think the best sandwich does not have it well, that can be your choice.
Condiments – This is where you can have tons of fun. Go for it. This section is really up to you.


  • You must make your own sandwich. No fair going to Earl’s for take out.
  • You must make enough for the judges to sufficiently try the sandwich and for all the spouses of contestants and judges to have a taste.
  • You can prepare things ahead of time. For instance if you want to make it a chicken salad sandwich it would be silly to make it all at my house but your spouse must verify that you in fact personally made it (with no help from your spouse).
  • Soups are completely free-style except of course for the meat restrictions.

    You better start practicing! See you at the contest!
    Also, let me know if you have any food allergies we must be sensitive to.


ChrisW said...

Speaking as a spouse of one of the contestants, I must say, I love Darren's latest addition to the challenge (see 'blogger showdown' from May 9) and I look forward to the many good eats from y'all!

Miss said...

Today I made one of my favorite sandwiches with a bread modification and a new twist on the meat. I think mine feels very Mediterranean. I can't give you any other clues but I can say I'm ready for the contest (I had already perfected my soup)

Alex said...

Did we pick date yet?

The Big DC said...

Seriously - we may as well call this over before it begins. I ran my combo through the ol test run this weekend and they are already good to go for battle. I'd say that I could make them even better in the weeks leading up to the competition, but you can't improve on perfection :)

I'm still game for putting something a bit more motivating on the line. I like the winner-picks-a-loser-to-cook-everyone-dinner idea, but I'm open to other suggestions.

What do ya say?

Miss said...

Does June 14 work for everyone? If not June 21 or 22. No kids and let me know if you need me to have any extra appliances or anything on hand (I will not tell anyone what you need). I like Darren's idea. Another spin would be for the winner to cook everyone dinner but each contestant pays for the food so the chef only needs to worry about cooking.

Alex said...

I would say that there is almost no way you can beat darren at a sandwich contest. Soup maybe, sandwich no. He just simply just put it in far too much time trying and perfecting. Darren doesn't just make a sandwich, he taps into your very soul and exploits it's weaknesses. He is the Gandalf of the kitchen, the wizard of culination. He will not allow anyone to pass, Fly Fools, fly..

The Big DC said...

Just thought I would say that Alex's comment was hillarious. I seriously almost fell out of my chair.

Prepare to have your souls exploited!

June 14 works, June 21 or 22 works. The date does not matter, the outcome will still be the same :P


Steely Dan said...

No seafood, ok. But no pork? Does that mean no bacon? What kind of a sandwich contest can't have bacon?

Miss said...

You are correct, bacon should be allowed. No Canadian bacon however.