Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SEARS sucks

Last year Chris & I bought a new washing machine from Sears. Within less than a month the computer that runs it completely crashed and they gave us the option of taking a floor model to replace it. So we did. I've never loved the machine, it had a few minor hitches but I had run out of options and figured it would last me at least a few years.

Today, it fell apart - litterally. The giant rubber piece you see when you open the inside broke right off along with some metal rings. Also, my laundry twisted all around it and I'm not certain yet if any of it was ruined.

The machine is ONE MONTH AND 13 DAYS past it's warranty. We bought a SEARS appliance because we figured it would be a quality appliance and if we ever needed to have it fixed the service people would probably be great. Never again. The lady on the customer service line just told me it was "bad luck" that it broke because this never happens. Interesting eh? The part supposedly should have lasted 8 years and for us it lasted one year, one month and 13 days. I don't think I can trust Kenmore appliances any more.

This is just a rant and a note of warning. Avoid SEARS appliances or you might have "bad luck" also.


Miss said...

Mere moments after I wrote this blog I got a call from an unknown number and being the optimist that I am I answered it because it might be Sears trying to apologize and make my life easier. It WAS SEARS! Only, it was a sales person trying to sell me something and not the customer service people. I told her that I shouldn't talk to her today because I'm angry at SEARS and was able to tell her my whole story. She was very nice but clearly in no position to fix my washer. I just enjoyed the irony that it was a call from SEARS.

Miss said...

If you google SEARS sucks you get 455,000 entries